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We Provide Assembly

When you order an assembly from DIVSYS-ICAPE, you also receive our Laboratory Validation of the PCB before it goes to assembly. Validation of the board to the design files is a critical step in removing high risk variables from the product.


DIVSYS Rapidproto

DIVSYS Rapidproto is a Quick-Turn and Low Volume High technology group. The difference between DIVSYS Rapidproto and other small volume quick turn operations is that DIVSYS Rapidproto is focused on the high technology market and getting companies through the design iterations faster, while reducing the number of iterations typically required. DIVSYS Rapidproto was created to assemble small lot builds to production standards, in a single iteration. The difficulty level for such a task is very high and requires deep knowledgeable Technical Staff on the Front End to prepare the job before it gets to the assembly floor.