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Mr. Tech Dweeb

DIVSYS International was formed to address the real world problems facing the users of printed circuit boards. The creators of DIVSYS recognized that the demise of the printed circuit board manufacturing capability in the US created a vacuum that was being filled by companies rushing to cash in on the price differential between US produced printed circuit boards and those from foreign countries, such as Asia. In this rush to profits, the end user was forgotten. The game became one of only meeting a minimal specification, not ensuring that the product met the customer's need.

DIVSYS is company that fosters the culture of a reliance on technical excellence through modern quality techniques and continual education of all team members. As a result, the managers and technical experts are required to maintain their academic credentials. Almost all of the team at DIVSYS is a Lean six Sigma Black Belt through the GE program. All staff are proficient with the IPC specifications. This dedication to quality, continual improvement, and technical excellence is the genesis for the DIVSYS concept.

The DIVSYS concept began with the premise that there is a means to transfer a culture of quality and technical excellence to product that is not manufactured in-house. The prevalent concept that brokers are using to give their customers confidence in the quality of the products they are selling is to create "Certified suppliers" through quality audits or even in-country quality engineers. This concept is inadequate for printed circuit boards for two reasons. First there is no recognition of the uniqueness of each lot to the customer. And second the customer has limited or no capability to verify the accuracy of lot data they may receive. In short, there is no consideration in the system for checks and balances that benefit the customer. A system with no checks and balances is ripe for exploitation.

DIVSYS uses all of the current techniques for supply chain management (certifications, audits, statistical data, etc.), but with a very distinctive difference. That distinction is to compare the supplier data with independent data obtained from each lot shipped. In other words, collect objective evidence through laboratory analysis of the actual product. Metrics obtained from the supplier contain statistical data that is smoothed by averaging over many lots, or possibly even given a "positive spin" by the supplier. Using data from each lot allows disturbing trends to be observed and corrected, but far more important to the customer, they receive known good product.

In addition to the product assurance data, DIVSYS requires each supplier to maintain a technology roadmap. DIVSYS monitors the progress of the supplier on the roadmap with a capability matrix obtained from the lot data. Divsys also requires the supplier to use only material from an approved material list to prevent reliability or performance issues due to substitution.

The DIVSYS concept is to close the supply chain loop by using the best practices of supply chain.

Recently, DIVSYS integrates ICAPE Group to unify their business activities and to better serve American customers thanks to a global PCB services solution to the BtoB market.