Advisory Board of Industry Experts

expertsEvery industry has its experts, and its pretenders. The printed circuit board (PCB) industry is no exception. Due to the fragmented nature of the industry it was more susceptible than most to false credentials. Unlike professional registration for electrical, chemical, mechanical, and civil engineers (P.E), there is not a professional certification required to be a printed circuit board engineer, or even an engineering degree. As the number of active manufacturing facilities in the US has declined, so has the number of qualified experts. The technical core of the industry is being replaced by commissioned sales representatives.

circuit_boardBecause of the wide range of unsubstantiated qualifications, there is much misinformation being presented. While some of this information is well intentioned, but inept, other is designed to allow the acceptance of substandard product by using minimal specifications or suspect technical data. Few assemblers of electronic products have laboratories capable of determining the suitability for use of a printed circuit board. The few that exist are only in the very large companies and are not available to the bulk of the assembly base. There are some highly qualified laboratories that can do a thorough analysis of the PCB, but their cost and lead time makes them also not practical for the bulk of the market. The most conspicuous absence of qualified technical experts and laboratories is with the brokers that buy and resell printed circuit boards. These companies should be the technical resources for the customers, but seem to be primarily focused on sales and depend upon their non-US suppliers for technical assistance.

Divsys was founded on a technical core of printed circuit board industry experts that make up the Technical Advisory Board. The function of this board is to direct the technology development of the company and to provide solid recommendations to the customers when they need to make a technology decision. They are also called upon in forensic situations to do a thorough root cause analysis of issues impacting the customer’s ability to assemble printed circuit boards. The expertise of this group is supplemented with a well equipped laboratory that performs product assurance testing on each lot. Therefore, these experts have at their disposal the tools to go with their credentials.

There are three senior members of the board. Between them they have over 100 years of experience in design, PC board manufacturing and PCB assembly. This experience is built on an educational foundation in electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering. All three have Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and one is a Master Black Belt. All are GE certified. One is a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.). All have IPC 600, 610, and 620 certifications.