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The Quality Policy is both pervasive and universal. It drives our quality objectives and commitment to implementing, executing and continually improving our QMS. It must be embraced by every team member in all aspects of their job performance, be it product quality or customer service, technology, human relations, our ecology and quality of work life. The quality policy serves our external customers who purchase our services and our internal customers who depend on the performance of their teammates for their success and goal achievement.



The quality team at DIVSYS-ICAPE focuses on serving the customer. With a customer-centric focus, and a solid foundation of IPC and ISO standards our team will meet or exceed your expectation.


Our management team’s commitment is to provide the resources and leadership necessary to satisfy applicable requirements and to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Customer Satisfaction in our products, services and fulfilling customer needs shall be achieved through continual improvement efforts driven by our quality objectives.

Every team member performs quality control and assurance activities necessary to meet our customer’s satisfaction with responsibility for supplying product and customer service:

1. With the quality level the customer requires

2. At the time the customer wants